Math Club Talks

  • 9/4Math Club
    The Hilbert Problems
    Keith Conrad (UConn)
  • 9/11Math Club
    Hilbert's 1st Problem
    Reed Solomon (UConn)
  • 9/18Math Club
    Hilbert's 3rd Problem
    Michael Biro (UConn)
  • 9/25Math Club
    Hilbert's 14th Problem
    Mihai Fulger (UConn)
  • 10/2Math Club
    Hilbert's 17th Problem
    Anthony Rizzie(UConn)
  • 10/9Math Club
    Hilbert's 7th Problem
    Keith Conrad (UConn)
  • 10/16Math Club
    Hilbert's 8th Problem
    Brandon Alberts (UConn)
  • 10/23Math Club
    Hilbert's 11th Problem
    Jeremy Teitelbaum (UConn)
  • 10/30Math Club
    Hilbert's 19th Problem
    Damin Wu (UConn)
  • 11/6Math Club
    Hilbert's 2nd Problem
    Damir Dzhafarov (UConn)
  • 11/13Math Club
    Hilbert's 10th Problem
    Álvaro Lozano-Robledo (UConn)
  • 11/20Math Club
    Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Math
    Panel Discussion
Past talks in or after Spring 2019 are accessible through the UConn Events Calendar.
List of talks prior to Spring 2019.