Math Club Talks

  • 9/8Math Club
    The Symmetric Function Theorem
    Keith Conrad (UConn)
  • 9/15Math Club
    Can You Beat A Game Theorist?
  • 9/22Math Club
    The Probabilistic Method
    Sean Li (UConn)
  • 9/29Math Club
    The Queen Of Mathematics
  • 10/6Math Club
    An Introduction To Knot Theory
    Katie Hall (UConn)
  • 10/13Math Club
    Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?
  • 10/20Math Club
    Building Better Approximations To \(\pi\)
    Maksym Derevyagin (UConn)
  • 10/27Math Club
    The Green-Eyed Monsters
  • 11/3Math Club
    The Geometry Of Numbers
    Michael Biro (UConn)
  • 11/10Math Club
    Undergraduate Research Opportunities In Math
  • 11/17Math Club
    Properties Of Reduced Convex Hulls
    Ben Arora (UConn)
  • 12/1Math Club
    Math And Music
    Keith Conrad (UConn)
Past talks in or after Spring 2019 are accessible through the UConn Events Calendar.
List of talks prior to Spring 2019.

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