Upcoming Events

  1. Apr 15 Actuarial Science Seminar - Engel Dela Vega (University of Hong Kong) - Duality Method for Multidimensional Nonsmooth Constrained Linear Convex Stochastic Control 10:00am
  2. Apr 16 Analysis and Probability Seminar Konstantinos Spiliopoulos (Boston University) Metastability and exit problems for systems of stochastic reaction-diffusion equations 3:30pm
  3. Apr 17 Algebra Seminar - Tohru Nakashima - Seshadri constants and AG codes from vector bundles 7:00pm
  4. Apr 19 SIGMA Seminar - Asimina Hamakiotes (UConn) 12:20pm
  5. Apr 19 Logic Colloquium: Jonas Raab (Trinity College Dublin) 2:00pm