Mathematics Colloquium

  • 9/17Mathematics Colloquium
    Counting Self-Avoiding Walks On A Lattice, From Combinatorics To Physics
    Hugo Duminil-Copin (IHES)
  • 9/24Mathematics Colloquium
    Universes As Big Data: Superstrings, Calabi-Yau Manifolds And Machine-Learning
    Yang-Hui He (Oxford)
  • 10/8Mathematics Colloquium
    Game Theoretic Models for Energy Production & Cryptocurrency Mining
    Ronnie Sircar (Princeton University)
  • 10/15Mathematics Colloquium
    NTRU And Post Quantum Public Key Cryptography
    Jeffrey Hoffstein (Brown University)
  • 11/5Mathematics Colloquium
    Evolution Equations On Non-Compact Symmetric Spaces
    Jean-Philippe Anker (University Of Orleans)
  • 11/12Mathematics Colloquium
    Symmetric Group Characters As Symmetric Functions
    Rosa Orellana (Dartmouth)

Past Talks | Contact: Kyu-Hwan Lee