Algebra Seminar

  • 8/28Algebra Seminar
    Organization Meeting
  • 9/6Algebra Seminar
    Topics Around Maximal Cohen-Macaulay Modules over Gorenstein Rings
    Özgür Esentepe (University of Connecticut)
  • 9/11Algebra Seminar
    The Arboreal Finite Index Problem
    Andrew Bridy (Yale University)
  • 9/18Algebra Seminar
    The addition on superelliptic Jacobians from a geometric viewpoint
    Yaacov Kopeliovich (University of Connecticut - School of Business)
  • 9/25Algebra Seminar
    Counting Towers of Number Fields
    Brandon Alberts (University of Connecticut)
  • 10/2Algebra Seminar
    Proportion of ordinary curves in characteristic p
    Soumya Sankar (University of Wisconsin Madison)
  • 10/9Algebra Seminar
    Newton Polygon Stratification of the Torelli Locus in PEL-type Shimura Varieties
    Wanlin Li (MIT)
  • 10/16Algebra Seminar
  • 10/30Algebra Seminar
    Singularities of generic projection hypersurfaces
    Takumi Murayama (Princeton University)
  • 11/6Algebra Seminar
    Moduli Spaces of Shtukas over the Projective Line
    María Inés de Frutos Fernández (Boston University)
  • 11/13Algebra Seminar
    Torsion Subgroups of Elliptic Curves Over Infinite Extensions
    Harris Daniels (Amherst College)
  • 11/20Algebra Seminar
    Thresholds and the Weak Ordinarity Conjecture
    Lance Miller (University of Arkansas)
  • 11/27Algebra Seminar
    Thanksgiving Recess
  • 12/4Algebra Seminar

Contact: Aurel Mihai Fulger

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