Algebra Seminar

  • 9/1Algebra Seminar
    Organization meeting
    Algebra Group
  • 9/8Algebra Seminar
    Algebra Faculty Introductions
  • 9/15Algebra Seminar
    Weak Hyperbolicity Of Hypersurface Complements In Projective Spaces
    Mihai Fulger (University Of Connecticut)
  • 9/24Algebra Seminar
    Fundamental Identity For Theta Derivatives With Rational Characteristics
    Julia Bernatska (University Of Connecticut)
  • 9/29Algebra Seminar
    Periodicity And Homomesy Of Antichains In Certain Posets Under The Action Of Rowmotion
    Matthew Plante (University Of Connecticut)
  • 10/6Algebra Seminar
    Explicit Study Of A Non-Identifiable Latent Class Model And A Deficient Secant Variety
    Jeremy Teitelbaum (University Of Connecticut)
  • 10/13Algebra Seminar
    Computing An L-Function Modulo A Prime
    Felix Baril Boudreau (Western University)
  • 10/22Algebra Seminar
    Finiteness Of Quasi-Canonical Lifts
    Lance Miller (University Of Arkansas)
  • 10/27Algebra Seminar
    Involutions Of A Cubic Fourfold
    Lisa Marquand (Stony Brook University)
  • 11/3Algebra Seminar
    Iwasawa Invariants Of Modular Forms With \(a_p=0\)
    Rylan Gajek-Leonard (UMass Amherst)
  • 11/10Algebra Seminar
    On K3 Surfaces of High Picard Rank
    Adrian Clingher (University Of Missouri-St. Louis)
  • 11/17Algebra Seminar
    On K3 Surfaces Of High Picard Rank And Their Use In String Dualities
    Andreas Malmendier (University Of Connecticut)
  • 12/1Algebra Seminar
    Distribution Of Values Of Gaussian Hypergeometric Functions
    Ken Ono (University Of Virginia)
  • 12/8Algebra Seminar

Contact: Aurel Mihai Fulger

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