Mathematical Logic

Research Activity

  • The interests of our members cover a broad spectrum of computability theory, proof theory, reverse mathematics, and algorithmic randomness, and their applications.
  • Research in computability theory deals with algebraic characterizations of the computational power of programs using oracles (e.g., interactive computing). The primary structures which are studied are the degrees of unsolvability and its substructures, such as the computably enumerable degrees.
  • The construction of computable models for algebraic and combinatorial structures is studied in the area of computable model theory.
  • Reverse mathematics classifies theorems of mathematics according to the weakest axioms needed to prove them.

Members of the logic group are also part of the interdisciplinary UConn Group in Philosophical and Mathematical Logic.

Our department is also the administrative home of the Association for Symbolic Logic.



Damir Dzhafarov

Manuel Lerman

Marcus Rossberg

James Schmerl

David Solomon

Association for Symbolic Logic

Shannon Miller

David Solomon