Deadlines and Requirements

Applications to any of our graduate programs - Apply to UConn.    Review the Graduate Admission Requirements prior to applying.

Application Deadlines



Mathematics Requirements

  • PhD Program:  A sound undergraduate program in mathematics.
  • PhD with Dissertation in Actuarial Science:  Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, physics, engineering, quantitative economics, or other related fields with very good GPA.  No prior knowledge of actuarial science, business, finance or investing is required but the mathematics background is essential.
  • Master's Degree Programs:  A strong undergraduate program in mathematics or a closely related field to mathematics is recommended.
  • Three recommendation letters -  can be from academia and/or business.
  • Personal Statement - explain why you want to be in our program. Keep it to one page if possible, two at the most.


Additional Application Information

  • International applicants - Department of Mathematics has traditionally supported international applicants and encourages their applications.
  • Actuarial Science PhD applicants must choose mathematics as the field of study.  Make it clear in your personal statement that you are applying for Actuarial PhD, and list one of the Actuarial Research Group members as your preferred advisor.
  • GRE (including math subject test) is not required.
  • Fall Decisions are usually made by the end of April.