Geometry and Topology

Research Activity

The geometry and topology group at UConn covers a broad spectrum of research directions including

  • Differential Geometry: complex geometry, foliation theory, infinite-dimensional geometry, and Riemannian, sub-Riemannian, and pseudo-Riemannian geometryGeometric Analysis: geometric flows, geometric partial differential equations, heat kernel analysis, and mathematical general relativity
  • Geometric and Functional Inequalities (on manifolds and metric measure spaces): RCD spaces, Sobolev inequalities, isoperimetric inequalities, curvature dimension inequalities
  • Geometric Topology: applications of computational topology to computer animation, scientific visualization, and engineering design
  • Interconnections with other fields: algebra and number theory, algebraic geometry, analysis, mathematical physics, numerical analysis, and probability


    Michael Biro

    Jeffrey Connors

    Xin Dong

    Aurel-Mihai Fulger

    Maria Gordina

    Katherine Hall

    Lan-Hsuan Huang

    Maree Jaramillo

    Guozhen Lu

    Ovidiu Munteanu

    Ambar Sengupta

    Damin Wu

    Ling Xiao