Mathematics Minor

Students majoring in another department within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or in another college within the University may elect to minor in mathematics. The minor is designed to give students a solid foundation in mathematics as well as some experience in the discipline at an advanced level. The University requires that at least 15 credits of 2000-level courses and/or higher be taken for the minor in courses specified by the granting department, that each course being used for the minor have a grade of C (2.0) or better and that no substitutions from the department’s stated requirements are allowed. The minor is described in more detail in the Course Catalog.


Catalog Year 2022-2023 and After

Track 1:

  • Both MATH 2110Q and 2210Q
  • One (1) from either MATH 2410Q, 2620, or 2710
  • At least two (2) distinct MATH courses at the 3000-level or above. Each of these courses must be for three (3) or more credits.

Track 2*:
Advanced Calculus Sequence: MATH 2141Q, 2142Q, 2143Q, 2144Q.


Catalog Year 2021-2022 and Before

Track 1:
Five courses from List A below.

Track 2:
Five courses from Lists A and B below, with at least two courses coming from List B.
Note that all the courses in List B (except MATH 2710 or 2142) have a prerequisite of a grade of C (2.0) or better in 2710 or 2142.

Track 3*:
Advanced Calculus Sequence: MATH 2141Q, 2142Q, 2143Q, 2144Q.

List A:
MATH 2110Q (or 2130Q or 2143Q), 2210Q, 2410Q (or 2420Q), 3146, 3160, 3170 (or STAT 3965), 3265, 3410, 3435, 3510, 3511, 3710 (or 3710W), or certain sections of 3094, 3795, or 3799 approved by the department head.

List B:
MATH 2710 (or 2142 or 2710W), 3150 (or 4110), 3151, 3210, 3230 (or 4210), 3231, 3240, 3260, 3330 (or 4310), 3370.


*NOTE: As of Spring 2023, the Advanced Calculus courses are no longer being offered. The Advanced Calculus Sequence track is a rigorous and proof-oriented challenging sequence in single and multivariable calculus aimed at highly motivated entering first-year students with strong backgrounds. Students who don’t have outstanding math skills or who have completed a different calculus sequence already should follow a different track for the math minor. Some accommodations will be made for those who start in the 2141-2144 track and who wish to change to another track. Please contact the department for more information as indicated below.

Math 2000-Level Course Prerequisites

The prerequisite for Math 2000-level courses is MATH 1132Q (Calculus II). For this reason, students intending to minor in mathematics, not using the Advanced MATH 2141Q-2144 track, should take MATH 1132Q as early in their career as possible.

Math Minor Application Process

To apply for the Math Minor, please go to and request the change be made to your program/plan.

When you near graduation, please keep in mind that you must apply for graduation before you can submit your Final Plan of Study for approval.