Actuarial Science Major


The University of Connecticut’s actuarial program is a vibrant program with over 450 undergraduate and over 45 graduate students majoring in Actuarial Science. It is one of the few Actuarial Science programs of its kind in the New England. This means that all students from New England can attend UConn for considerably less than out-of-state tuition rates. More information can be found on the New England Board of Education website. An actuary is a person who uses training in mathematics and business to solve problems involving risk. Actuarial work is a challenging and rewarding way to use an aptitude for mathematics combined with an ability to work with people.

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Professional Information

  • UConn Actuarial Society
  • SOA: Society of Actuaries websiteCAS University Award 2016/2019
  • CAS: Casualty Actuarial Society website
  • Be An Actuary: Lots of information about actuarial careers, including information about what an actuary is, the actuarial examination process, and finding a job as an actuary. It also contains online issues of  “The Future Actuary”. The site is maintained by SOA and CAS.

Employment Opportunities for UConn Students

The UConn Actuarial Science Program has developed a close working relationship with insurance companies and consulting firms in the Northeast. Our actuarial club, UConn Actuarial Society, sponsors an actuarial Career Fair each fall. We also arrange on-campus interviews with our corporate sponsors. Students with good grades who have passed at least one actuarial exam usually are able find full-time employment or summer internships.

Recommended Courses

  • Click here for Plans of Study.
  • Click here for an eight-semester sample sequence for the Math-Actuarial Science major.
  • Click here for an eight-semester sample sequence for the Math-Actuarial Science-Finance major.
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