Financial Aid

Financial Support

  • Grad School Fellowships and Awards
  • Math Teaching Assistant – Most admitted PhD students receive a TA offer upon admission.
  • Math Research Assistant – For students in PhD programs, research assistantships may be available from faculty members.
  • Graduate Assistants – Available GA positions in other departments posted here.
  • The Q Center may have a limited number teaching assistants positions available
  • Intersession and Summer Teaching Assistants – there are some TA opportunities during the Summer Session.   TA must be in the US.
  • Predoctoral Fellowship – Awarded to a limited number of PhD students who have passed their prelims, oral exam and who are working on their dissertation.
  • Grad School Loans
  • External Funding
  • Graduate Financial Aid

About Math Teaching Assistants

  • All new teaching assistants are expected to take MATH 5000, a 1 credit department pedagogy course during the first fall semester of the student’s enrollment into the program.
  • The department offers a broad range of teaching experiences to its TAs. After an initial period of teaching lower division and service courses, qualified students may be assigned to teach an upper-division course. This experience has proven to be a very valuable asset during the job search after graduation.
  • The intention of the department is to continue TA support for PhD students, as long as they are in good standing academically and in their employment, for a period five years.   Support beyond five years is considered on a case-by-case basis.

Pay Scales

The exact amounts can be found on the Graduate Payroll information sheet. The three levels of pay are

  • Level1/Beginners:
    • New grads who enter with a bachelor’s degree
    • Under 30 credits as a UConn grad student.
  • Level 2/Masters:
    • Students have a relevant masters degree
    • 30 credits or more of UConn Graduate courses.
  • Level 3/PhD:
    • Met prelim requirement
    • General/Oral Exam has been successfully completed.