All Seminars

  • 1/22Algebra Seminar
  • 1/22Mathematical Finance and Applied Probability Seminar
    Fee Structure and Optimal Investment Mix in Variable Annuities
    Anne Mackay, UQAM
  • 1/23Mathematics Colloquium
    Total Curvature and the isoperimetric inequality: proof of the Cartan-Hadamard conjecture
    Joel Spruck (Johns Hopkins University)
  • 1/24Analysis and Probability Seminar
    The Ribe Program and Markov Convexity of Filiform Groups
    Chris Gartland (University of Illinois)
  • 1/24Logic Colloquium: David Ripley (Monash)
  • 1/27PDE and Differential Geometry Seminar
    Sub-Riemannian limit of the differential form heat kernels of contact manifolds
    Hadrian Quan (UIUC)
  • 1/29Algebra Seminar
  • 1/31Analysis and Probability Seminar
    Title TBA
    Georgi Medvedev (Drexel University)
  • 2/3PDE and Differential Geometry Seminar
  • 2/5Algebra Seminar