All Seminars

  • 10/21PDE and Differential Geometry Seminar
    Ellipticity of the Bartnik Boundary Conditions
    Zhongshan An(UCONN)
  • 10/22Clustering Seminar
    Dimensionality Reduction via tSNE - The mathematical theory and the remaining challenges
    Stefan Steinerberger (Yale)
  • 10/23Math Club
    Hilbert's 11th Problem
    Jeremy Teitelbaum (UConn)
  • 10/25PDE and Differential Geometry Seminar
    Special talk
    On some 1d model equations
    Vladimir Sverak ( U of Minnesota)
  • 10/25Analysis and Probability Seminar
    Convenient Coordinates
    Brian Street (University of Wisconsin)
  • 10/25HistAnalytic talk: Philip Ebert (Stirling) on Frege
  • 10/25Algebra Seminar
    Claudiu Raicu (Notre Dame University)
  • 10/25 Commutative Cluster Algebra Seminar
    Title: Eisenbud-Green-Harris Conjecture for quadratic ideals
    Speaker: Sema Gunturkun
  • 10/25Analysis Learning Seminar
    d-bar Neumann problems and geometric applications in several complex variables
    Gunhee Cho (UConn)
  • 10/25Logic Colloquim: Peter Pagin (Stockholm)