All Seminars

  • 2/8Algebra Seminar
    Title TBA
    Speaker TBA (TBA)
  • 2/8Math Club
    An Introduction to the Finite Element Method
    Kim Savinon (UConn)
  • 2/9Supporting and Empowering Neurodiverse Students: A Workshop for Instructors and TAs
  • 2/10SIGMA Seminar
    Mathematicians' Perspectives Towards Proof and Justification in the College Calculus Setting
    Michael Urbanski (UConn)
  • 2/10Logic Colloquium: Eugenio Orlandelli (Bologna)
  • 2/10Analysis and Probability Seminar
    Raoni Ponciano (Federal University of Paraiba)
    Sharp Sobolev and Adams-Trudinger-Moser Embeddings on Weighted Sobolev Spaces and Their Applications
  • 2/13Actuarial Science Seminar
    Title TBA
    Tim Boonen (University of Amsterdam)
  • 2/13PDE and Differential Geometry Seminar
    Continuous Dependence of Solutions with Respect to Changes in Data and Parameters of Nonlocal Models
    Nicole Buczkowski (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
  • 2/15Control and Optimization Seminar
    Optimal Consumption Under Drawdown and Habit-formation Constraints
    Bahman Angoshtari (University of Miami)
  • 2/15Algebra Seminar
    Title TBA
    Jeff Yelton (Wesleyan University)