S.I.G.M.A. Seminar

  • 1/27SIGMA Seminar
    When can you cover a set of points with a piece of string? With a sheet of paper?
    Matthew Badger (UConn)
  • 2/3SIGMA Seminar
    An Introduction to the Theory of Elliptic Curves
    Benjamin York (UConn)
  • 2/10SIGMA Seminar
    Mathematicians' Perspectives Towards Proof and Justification in the College Calculus Setting
    Michael Urbanski (UConn)
  • 2/17SIGMA Seminar
    Computationally Hard Problems and Their Uses in Cryptography
    Asimina Hamakiotes (UConn)
  • 2/24SIGMA Seminar
    An Introduction to Multigrid Methods
    Sijing Liu
  • 3/3SIGMA Seminar
    The \(p\)-adic numbers
    Keith Conrad
  • 3/24SIGMA Seminar
    Construction Problems in Antiquity and Today
    Gregory Michajlyszyn (UConn)
  • 3/31SIGMA Seminar
    Enhancing Math Education: Implementing the UDL Framework
    Dave McArdle (UConn)
  • 4/7SIGMA Seminar
    On the Strength of \(\Sigma_0^1\) Maximal Subfamily Principles
    Heidi Benham
  • 4/14SIGMA Seminar
    Bias Variance Trade-off in Machine Learning
    Emiliano Valdez (UConn)
  • 4/21SIGMA Seminar
    Tala Yasenpoor (UConn)
Past talks in or after Spring 2019 are accessible through the UConn Events Calendar.
List of talks prior to Spring 2019.