S.I.G.M.A. Seminar

  • 9/24SIGMA Seminar
    Galois Representations
    Alvaro Lozano-Robledo
  • 10/1SIGMA Seminar
    From The Harmonic Series To The Riemann Hypothesis
    Keith Conrad
  • 10/22SIGMA Seminar
    Common Technique For Solving Nonlinear Equations
    Yung Choi
  • 10/29SIGMA Seminar
    Classifying Systems Of Arcs On Surfaces
    Paul Tee
  • 11/5SIGMA Seminar
    Stochastic Systems: Analysis, Optimization, Computation, And Applications
    George Yin
  • 11/11SIGMA Seminar
    Celebrating AWM's 50th Anniversary
    Liangbing Luo
  • 11/19SIGMA Seminar
    Job Search Panel Discussion
  • 12/3SIGMA Seminar
    Was Carl Gustav Jacobi The First Black Hat?
    Andreas Malmendier
Past talks in or after Spring 2019 are accessible through the UConn Events Calendar.
List of talks prior to Spring 2019.