Actuarial Science Seminar

  • 10/7Actuarial Science Seminar
    Introduction to Bitcoin Inverse Futures
    Bin Zou (UCONN)
  • 10/14Actuarial Science Seminar
    Risk Measures on Orlicz Spaces
    Niushan Gao (Ryerson University)
  • 11/11Actuarial Science Seminar
    High-Water Mark Fee Structure in Variable Annuities
    Dongchen Li (University of St. Thomas)
  • 11/18Actuarial Science Seminar
    An Integrated Approach to Measuring Asset and Liability Risks in Financial Institutions
    Daniel Bauer (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • 12/2Actuarial Science Seminar
    Title TBA
    Jianxi Su (Purdue University)

Contact: Bin Zou

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