Ph.D. in Mathematics

Overview of Graduation Requirements

To graduate with a PhD in Mathematics, a student must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • Course Credits:
    • 45 credits, including 15 doctoral dissertation research credits/GRAD 6950
    • If you have a Master’s degree in mathematics at UConn, then 30 credits are required, including 15 doctoral dissertation research credits.
  • Pass three preliminary exams and two core courses (details below).
    • Pass at least one prelim exam after each semester for the first three semesters of their graduate study.
    • Finish all prelim exam requirements by the beginning of the spring semester in their second year.
    • Finish all core course requirements by the end of their second year of graduate study,
  • Choose a thesis advisor no later than the end of the fall semester of the third year.
  • Form your advisory committee:  Major Advisor and at least two Associate Advisors or Co-Major Advisors and at least one Associate Advisor.
  • Pass the General/Oral Exam
    • Meant to further the student’s education, scholarship and professional development.
    • Material should be in the broad area in which the student intends to write a dissertation, but should not focus on the actual thesis research.  Students present and answer questions about the material they have studied.
    • The exam is normally taken at the end of the third year or beginning of the fourth year.
  • Submit Dissertation Proposal
  • Submit Plan of Study
  • Apply for Graduation in Student Admin by the fourth week of the final semester.
  • Write, defend and submit dissertation.
  • Submit Approval PageStep 7
  • Complete Survey of Earned Doctorates – Step 7
  • Add Diploma Address in Student Admin and Diploma Info.

Preliminary Examination and Core Course Requirements

Pure Mathematics


Applied Mathematics


Past Prelim Exams