Month: November 2009

Society of Actuaries recognizes Actuarial Science Program as Center of Actuarial Excellence

The Society of Actuaries, the top professional organization of life actuaries in the US, has recognized the department’s Actuarial Science Program as a Center of Actuarial Excellence. The recognition is initially for 5 years, ending on December 31, 2014.

The recognition makes the department eligible to compete for substantial education and research grants to enhance the program, research in actuarial science and the profession. It also means the department will be promoted on the SOA’s web site.

This recognition will make the department’s already strong actuarial science program even stronger and allow it to become a magnet for attracting even better students for both its undergraduate and graduate components.

Department Head Miki Neumann has expressed his appreciation to the present actuarial science program faculty, Michael Braunstein, Jim Bridgeman, Jim Trimble, Jay Vadiveloo, and Emil Valdez, for bringing bringing the department this honor, as well as former, now retired faculty Louis Lombardi, Richard London, Walt Lowerie and Chuck Vinsonhaler whose hard work for many years brought the department to this point.

Neumann has also thanked Dean Jeremy Teitelbaum and Frank Gifford, Director of Development at CLAS, for their strong support of the program and their help during the visitation of the CAE Evaluation Committee, along with the faculty and graduate and undergraduate students who participated in the visitation and helped demonstrate the vibrancy of the program.