Month: September 2015

Prof. Valdez helps organize a 5-day workshop at Casa Matematica Oaxaca

Casa Matematica Oaxaca (CMO) is the new mathematics research center affiliated with the famous Banff International Research Station (BIRS). Emil Valdez is one of three organizers of a 5-day workshop on “Recent Advances in Actuarial Mathematics”. The other two organizers are Professors Jan Dhaene of Katholieke Universiteit – Leuven and Sheldon Lin of University of Toronto. The workshop will be held in Oaxaca, Mexico on October 25-30, 2015. There are about 42 participants expected to join, many of them are internationally renowned researchers and practitioners in actuarial science and financial mathematics. Guojun Gan from our department is one of the participants. A press release of the workshop can be found here.

Forty-year-old conjecture solved in recent joint paper of Damin Wu

Professor Damin Wu, jointly with S.T. Yau, has settled a conjecture in complex geometry and algebraic geometry posed by Yau in the 1970s. The conjecture asserts that a projective manifold has an ample canonical bundle if the manifold admits a Kahler metric with negative holomorphic curvature.

The paper by Wu and Yau proving the conjecture is entitled Negative holomorphic curvature and positive canonical bundle, and will appear in the prestigious journal Inventiones Mathematicae.