Styling Documentation

Use the text editor to enter content, never the visual. (This post is a notable exception as I am hurrying.)

Do not hard wrap content lines. A paragraph should be a continuous body of text. Avoid unnecessary line breaks as WP sometimes displays these.

Use <h3> … </h3> for headings, and <h4> … </h4> for subheadings. Avoid smaller subdivisions than this.

All content other than headings should be enclosed in <p> … </p>. Avoid <br>, instead, separate paragraphs by putting each within its own <p> … </p> environment.

Use <strong> … </strong> for emphasis, and use it sparingly. Avoid <em> … </em>, <b> … </b>, and <i> … </i>.

For lists, use a simple unordered list structure:


<li> … item … </li>

<li> … item … </li>