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Welcome new faculty and students!

Welcome back! Even as we prepare for a very unusual new semester, we are very excited to be joined by a large number of newcomers this fall, and to welcome them to our Department! Regular Faculty Robert Dolan, Assistant Professor in Residence Amineh Farzannia, Assistant Professor in Residence Sijing Liu, Assistant Professor in Residence Hanson […]

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Upcoming Events

  1. Sep 23 Algebra Seminar
    Combinatorics Of Cluster Algebras
    Veronique Bazier-Matte
  2. Sep 23 Math Club
    Richard Guy's Strong Law Of Small Numbers And How Not To Make Friends
    Hanson Smith (UConn)
  3. Sep 24 Probabillity And Data Science Colloquium2:00pm
  4. Sep 24 Mathematics Colloquium
    Universes As Big Data: Superstrings, Calabi-Yau Manifolds And Machine-Learning
    Yang-Hui He (Oxford)
  5. Sep 25 Logic Supergroup: Stewart Shapiro & David McCarty11:00am