Actuarial Exams

Courses to prepare the student for the first few joint exams of the Society of Actuaries and Casualty Actuarial Society are offered on a regular basis at or near the Storrs campus. These are summarized in the following table.

Exam Associated UConn Courses
Exam P or CAS 1 Math 3160
Math 3610
Exam FM or CAS 2 Math 2620 or Math 5620
Math 3615
Exam MLC or CAS 3L Math 3170
Math 36303631 or Math 56305631
Stat 3375 and Stat 3445
Exam MFE or CAS 3F Math 3660 or
(Math 5621 and Math 5660)
Exam C or CAS 4 Math 3632 and 3634
Math 56405641 and Math 5637
Math 4735 or Math 5635


Validation by Educational Experience
Associated UConn Courses
VEE-Applied Statistics Math 3621
or both Stat 5315,5825
VEE-Corporate Finance Math 3650 or Math 5621
VEE-Economics Econ 1200
both Econ 1201,1202
both Econ 2201,2202
both Econ 5201, 5202

The exams are given throughout the year at designated CBT testing sites, one of which is less than 20 miles from the Storrs campus. More detailed exam information, such as syllabi, sample exams, study material, testing sites, application information, etc. can be found at the Be an Actuary website.