Recommended Courses for Actuarial Science Major

Reflecting the multidisciplinary aspect of the actuarial profession, students majoring in actuarial science are either required or strongly encouraged to take courses from the following departments:

Accounting (ACCT)

2001(131) Principles of Financial Accounting
2101(200) Principles of Managerial Accounting

Economics (ECON)

1200(102) Principles of Economics (Note 3)
1201(111) Principles of Microeconomics (Note 3)
1202(112) Principles of Macroeconomics (Note 3)
2201(218) Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (Note 3)
2202(219) Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (Note 3)
2411(230) Money and Banking

Finance (FNCE)

3221(221) Risk Management and Insurance (Note 4)
4324(223) Health Insurance
4325(225) Life Insurance and Retirement Security
4326(228) Risk management: Property and Liability Exposure

Statistics (STAT)

3115(242) Analysis of Experiments (Note 3)
3375(230) Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I (Note 2)
3445(231) Introduction to Mathematical Statistics II (Note 2)
4825(280) Applied Time Series (Note 3)
Mathematics (MATH): Preliminary

1131(115) Calculus I (or 1151 Honors) (Note 1)
1132(116) Calculus II (or 1152 Honors)
2110(210) Multivariable Calculus (or 2130 Honors)
2194W(202W) Pedagogical Seminar (Note 5)
2210(227) Applied Linear Algebra (Note 2)
2410(211) Elementary Differential Equations (or 2420 Honors)

Mathematics (MATH): Actuarial Science

2610(236) Introduction to Actuarial Science (Note 4)
2620(285) Financial Mathematics I (Note 2)
3160(231) Probability (Note 2)
3170(232) Elementary Stochastic Processes
3550 Programming for Actuaries
3610(283) Probability Problems (Exam P Preparation)
3615(280) Financial Mathematics Problems (Exam FM Preparation)
3621(238) Applied Actuarial Statistics (Note 3)
3630(287) Actuarial Mathematics I (Note 2)
3631(288) Actuarial Mathematics II (Note 2)
3632 Loss Models (Note 4)
3634(276) Actuarial Models (Note 4)
3650(289) Financial Mathematics II (Note 2)
3660(284) Advanced Financial Mathematics
3670W(291) Technical Writing for Actuaries


1.To become an Actuarial Science Major, a student must successfully complete Math 1131 with a grade of at least B or received AP credit for Math 1131
2.Required by University of Connecticut for Actuarial Science Major
3.Approved by Society of Actuaries for Validation by Educational Experience
4.One of Math 2610 or Finance 3221 is required and one of Math 3632 or Math 3634 is required.
5.Math 2194W, while not required, must be taken at the same time as Math 2210 if it is taken at all.

Since financial models are utilized extensively by the profession, knowledge of one or more computer languages and facility with a spreadsheet package are also strongly encouraged.