DRP Application

Use this form to apply to the Mathematics Directed Reading Program .

We will do our best to pair each applicant with a suitable graduate student mentor. Please be aware that you are expected to participate in the program if accepted. Participation in the program requires that you meet with your mentor weekly, work independently for at least four hours per week, and give a 15-20 minute presentation at the end of the program.


Year in college: (i.e., sophomore, junior, senior, etc.)
Email address: (Please double-check for accuracy.)
Name of recommender:

(To complete your application, please have your recommender send a one paragraph recommendation via email to drp.math@uconn.edu with YOUR NAME – DRP as the subject. Your recommender should be able to comment on your mathematical maturity and also to confirm that you will follow through with the program. (If you have previously completed the program then you don’t need a recommendation.))

What are your mathematical interests? What topics would you like to learn more about in the DRP? Are there any sample or past projects listed that interest you? (It is okay if you are unsure. We can give you suggestions.)

What mathematics courses have you taken?

2110 or 2130: Multivariable Calculus

2141 or 2142: Advanced Calculus I or II

2143 or 2144: Advanced Calculus III or IV

2210: Applied Linear Algebra

2360: Geometry

2410 or 2420: Elementary Differential Equations

2710: Transition to Advanced Mathematics

2720: History of Mathematics

3146: Complex Variables

3150: Mathematical Analysis I

3151: Mathematical Analysis II

3160: Probability

3210: Linear Algebra

3230: Abstract Algebra I

3231: Abstract Algebra II

3240: Number Theory

3250: Combinatorics

3260: Mathematical Logic

3330: Topology

3370: Differential Geometry

3410: Differential Equations for Applications

3510 or 3511: Numerical Analysis I or II

3621, 3630, 3631, 3634, 3650, or 3660: Actuarial Mathematics Courses

Other courses:

Which math courses will you be taking while participating in the Directed Reading Program?

Please give course numbers and titles (e.g. “3210 Linear Algebra”).

Why do you want to participate in the program?

What is your favorite math book, mathematical concept, theorem, or proof? Why?

Which mathematics faculty members or graduate students know you well?

How did you hear about the program?

Is there anything else that you would like us to know?