Future Course Offerings

Course ID Title Semester Offered
2010Q Fundamentals of Algebra and Geometry I Fall
2011Q Fundamentals of Algebra and Geometry II Spring
2110Q Multivariable Calculus Fall Spring Summer
2130Q Honors Multivariable Calculus Fall Spring
2141Q Advanced Calculus I Fall
2142Q Advanced Calculus II Spring
2143Q Advanced Calculus III Fall
2144Q Advanced Calculus IV Spring
2194W Pedagogical Seminar Currently not offered
2210Q Applied Linear Algebra Fall Spring Summer
2360Q Geometry Fall Spring
2410Q Elementary Differential Equations Fall Spring Summer
2420Q Honors Differential Equations Spring
2610 Introduction to Actuarial Science Fall Spring
2620 Financial Mathematics I Fall Spring Summer
2710 Transition to Advanced Mathematics Fall Spring
2710W Transition to Advanced Mathematics Fall Spring
2720W History of Mathematics Fall Spring
2794W Mathematical Writing Seminar Fall Spring
3094 Math Scholars Course Fall/Spring
3146 Introduction to Complex Variables Fall Spring
3150 Analysis I Fall Spring
3151 Analysis II Spring
3160 Probability Fall Spring Summer
3165 Honors Probability Often Fall Spring
3170 Elementary Stochastic Processes Spring
3210 Abstract Linear Algebra Spring
3230 Abstract Algebra I Fall Spring
3231 Abstract Algebra II Spring (odd years)
3240 Introduction to Number Theory Fall Spring
3250 Combinatorics Spring
3260 Introduction to Mathematical Logic Spring (odd years)
3265 Applied Mathematical Logic Spring (even years)
3330 Elements of Topology Spring (even years)
3370 Differential Geometry Fall (odd years)
3410 Differential Equations for Applications Fall Spring
3435 Partial Differential Equations Fall Spring
3510 Numerical Analysis I Fall
3511 Numerical Analysis II Spring
3545 Actuarial Case Studies using SAS Fall Spring
3550 Programming for Actuaries Fall Spring
3610 Probability Problems Fall Spring
3615 Financial Mathematics Problems Fall Spring
3620 Foundations of Actuarial Science Fall Spring
3621 Actuarial Statistics Fall Spring
3630 Actuarial Mathematics I Fall
3630 Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics I Fall
3631 Actuarial Mathematics II Spring
3631 Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics II Spring
3632 Loss Models Fall
3634 Actuarial Models Spring
3636 Actuarial Statistical Modeling I Spring
3637 Actuarial Statistical Modeling II Fall
3639 Actuarial Loss Models
3640 Short-Term Insurance Ratemaking Fall
3641 Short-Term Insurance Reserving Spring
3650 Financial Mathematics II Fall Spring
3660 Advanced Financial Math Fall Spring
3670W Technical Writing for Actuaries Fall Spring
3710 Introduction to Mathematical Modeling Fall
3790 Field Study Internship By Arrangement
3793 Foreign Study By Arrangement
3794 Problem Seminar Fall Spring
3795 Special Topics By Arrangement
3796W Senior Thesis in Mathematics By Arrangement
3798 Variable Topics By Arrangement
3799 Independent Study By Arrangement
4110 Introduction to Modern Analysis Fall
4210 Advanced Abstract Algebra Fall
4310 Introduction to Geometry and Topology Fall