MathSciNet and Mathematics Journals Online

This page provides links to math journals (current and archived) from the four corners of the planet. If you know one that should be included, send an e-mail to the webmaster.

Set up a VPN to access UConn’s network from off campus.

Use MathSciNet to find reviews of articles in mathematics and links to the articles themselves when there is a UConn subscription.

The AMS Digital Math Registry has links to all math journals and archives of old volumes when available.

If you are looking for a journal article more than a few years old, check whether that journal’s archives are available at the Digital Mathematical Registry, the Digital Mathematical Library, JSTOR (for this link UConn ID is needed), EMANI, or NUMDAM.

The UConn library’s e-journal collection in math:

Here are links to homepages and archives for some selected journals. Some will require a UConn ID. (Two other webpages with links to many math journal homepages are at Penn State and The Electronic Library of Mathematics.)