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Mathematics plays a central role in society. Fast web searches, secure online banking, and computer graphics in films all require tools from mathematics. Many top-ranked jobs rely on training in mathematics. Whether you are attracted to applications of math in scientific or economic models, or to hearing about unsolved mathematical problems that arose through the subject’s own internal developments, our department provides students with opportunities to expand their knowledge from many points of view.

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Research in mathematics is always in a state of change: old problems get solved while new conjectures and new insights get developed. In our PhD program you will learn about ideas that are at the forefront of research today and make your own scholarly contribution. Our PhD alumni have pursued careers in both academia and industry. In our masters programs, your training will prepare you for future work in actuarial science or other areas of financial mathematics. Graduate students in our department have the opportunity to learn from, and work alongside, our nationally and internationally recognized faculty.

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