Month: April 2015

Annual Awards Ceremony, April 28, 3:30pm, IMS 20

Awards Day 2015The department’s annual awards ceremony, recognizing the outstanding achievements of our undergraduate and graduate students, took place on April 28 in IMS 20. The event was preceded by a reception with tea and light refreshments in the math department lounge.

This year’s speaker was Leo Goldmakher of Williams College, who spoke on “Structure and randomness in the primes”.

For more information, see the full program of events, as well as the photo album on our Facebook page.

Memorial Session for Evarist Giné at the New England Statistics Symposium

A memorial session entitled “Probability and Related Topics — in memory of Evarist Giné” to be held during the New England Statistics Symposium (NESS) hosted by the UConn Statistics Department on Saturday, April 25, 3:30-4:45 in AUST 434.


Rick Vitale (UConn) Welcome
Dick Dudley (MIT) “Evarist as a student, teacher and friend”
Victor de la Pena (Columbia) “Dependence measures: a perspective”
Iddo Ben-Ari (UConn) “Evarist’s favorite undergraduate proof and where it got me”
Lu Lu (Colby) “On the sup-norm behavior of the Bernstein density estimator”
Molly Hahn (Tufts), and others as they would like: “Evarist: Reminiscences”