Memorial Session for Evarist Giné at the New England Statistics Symposium

A memorial session entitled “Probability and Related Topics — in memory of Evarist Giné” to be held during the New England Statistics Symposium (NESS) hosted by the UConn Statistics Department on Saturday, April 25, 3:30-4:45 in AUST 434.


Rick Vitale (UConn) Welcome
Dick Dudley (MIT) “Evarist as a student, teacher and friend”
Victor de la Pena (Columbia) “Dependence measures: a perspective”
Iddo Ben-Ari (UConn) “Evarist’s favorite undergraduate proof and where it got me”
Lu Lu (Colby) “On the sup-norm behavior of the Bernstein density estimator”
Molly Hahn (Tufts), and others as they would like: “Evarist: Reminiscences”

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