2017 Calculus Competition

The annual Calculus Competition will be held 6:30-8:00 p.m. Thursday
6 April 2017 in room 226 of the Monteith Building. Cash and book prizes
will be awarded in three categories: Beginner (roughly, through first-year
calculus), Intermediate (roughly, through multivariable calculus, beginning
differential equations, and beginning linear algebra), and Over-all. All
UConn undergraduates, and pre-college students taking math courses
AT UCONN (not co-op courses in high school), are eligible to participate.
Participants should register by Monday 3 April, either on the sheet outside
the Reception Office (Monteith 217) or (better) by email to Prof. Sidney; if you register by email, give your name, phone
number, email address, and the numbers of UConn math courses you are taking
now, with instructor names for multi-section courses. Participants should
arrive at the competition by 6:20 the evening of the exam. Questions may be
addressed to Prof. Sidney.