Professor Cardetti Receives Grant to Study Mental Health and Math Learning in Children

Cardetti and Hoeft

Professor Fabiana Cardetti has been awarded a CLAS grant in collaboration with Professor Fumiko Hoeft (Professor of Neuroscience, Director of BIRC) to conduct the interdisciplinary research study The influence of mental health and socio-economic disparities on children with learning disabilities – a math intervention study. The funds help provide equitable educational opportunities in reading and math for Connecticut children with disabilities and financial hardship, while also supporting the investigation of the impact of variations in psycho-social factors as well as mental health and math achievement changes over time. Beyond the theoretical and clinical significance of the research, this project expands the engagement of the Department of Mathematics with the community by applying its scholarship to positively impact the welfare of Connecticut.

Image caption: Fabian Cardetti (left) and Fumiko Hoeft.

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