1. 9/6 Math Club: The Classification of Pythagorean Triples, by Keith Conrad (UConn)
  1. 9/7 Mathematics Colloquium On continuous time bubbling for the harmonic map heat flow in two dimensions Wilhelm Schlag (Yale University)
  1. 9/8 SIGMA Seminar “A Smörgåsbord of Problems Regarding Numerical Dimension Estimates” Erik Wendt
  1. 9/8 Analysis and Probability Seminar Faculty Talks
  1. 9/13 Math Club: Combinatorial Triangles
  1. 9/15 SIGMA Seminar: “Frequently asked questions on quant interviews” by Asimina Hamakiotes (UConn).
  1. 9/15 Logic Colloquium: Andrew Tedder (Institut Wiener Kreis, Vienna)
  1. 9/15 Analysis and Probability Seminar Ludovic Tangpi (Princeton University) Quantitative convergence for displacement monotone mean field games with controlled volatility
  1. 9/18 Wenyuan Li (University of Hong Kong) Optimal defined-contribution pension management with financial and mortality risks
  1. 9/18 PDE and Differential Geometry Seminar Optimal gradient estimates for the insulated conductivity problem Zhuolun Yang (Brown University)
  1. 9/20 Math Club: Infinitude of the Primes, by Asimina Hamakiotes (UConn)
  1. 9/22 Probability and Data Science Colloquium
  1. 9/22 SIGMA Seminar-AMS/AWM/SIAM Graduate Student Chapters
  1. 9/23 2023 Northeast Analysis Network Meeting
  1. 9/25 PDE and Differential Geometry Seminar, Testing Curvature Pinching Conditions under the Laplacian Flow, Aaron Kennon (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  1. 9/27 Math Club: Euler’s Constant
  1. 9/28 Mathematics Colloquium, Some recent development in minimal surface theory, Xin Zhou (Cornell University)
  1. 9/29 Linguistics Colloquium Series: Philippe Schlenker