1. 11/4
    Actuarial Science Seminar
    Bilateral Risk Sharing With Exposure Constraints: Heterogeneous Beliefs And Probability Weighting
    Mario Ghossoub (University Of Waterloo)
  1. 11/4Algebra Seminar
    Anne Dranowski (IAS)
    The Glass Bead Game And Lusztig's Dual Semicanonical Basis
  1. 11/4Math Club
    Classical Cryptosystems And Codebreaking
    Jenny Wilson (Univ. Michigan)
  1. 11/5Probability And Data Science Colloquium: James Norris (University Of Cambridge)
  1. 11/5Mathematics Colloquium
    Evolution Equations On Non-Compact Symmetric Spaces
    Jean-Philippe Anker (University Of Orleans)
  1. 11/6SIGMA Seminar
    Continued Fractions
    Keith Conrad
  1. 11/9PDE And Differential Geometry Seminar Xin Dong (UConn)
  1. 11/11Algebra Seminar
    Benjamin Briggs (University Of Utah)
    The Hochschild Cohomology Of Twisted Tensor Products
  1. 11/11Math Club
    Undergraduate Research Opportunities In Math
    Panel Discussion
  1. 11/12Mathematics Colloquium
    Symmetric Group Characters As Symmetric Functions
    Rosa Orellana (Dartmouth)
  1. 11/13Math Physics Learning Seminar
    Gerald Dunne, University Of Connecticut
    Path Integrals: At The Interface Of Physics And Mathematics
  1. 11/13Logic Colloquium (Online): Sandra Villata – Intermediate Grammaticality
  1. 11/13SIGMA Seminar
    Continued Fractions, II
    Keith Conrad
  1. 11/16
    Actuarial Science Seminar
    A Comprehensive Model For Cyber Risk Based On Marked Point Processes And Its Application To Insurance
    Gabriela Zeller (Technical University Of Munich)
  1. 11/16PDE And Differential Geometry Seminar
    Matthew Novack (Courant Institute)
    Recent Results For The 3D Quasi-Geostrophic System
  1. 11/18Algebra Seminar
    Tom Roby (UConn)
    Dynamical algebraic combinatorics & homomesy in higher realms
  1. 11/18Math Club
    Machine Learning For Mathematics
    Kyu-Hwan Lee (UConn)
  1. 11/19Probabillity And Data Science Colloquium
  1. 11/19Mathematics Department Special Talk
    Creating Math Classrooms And Communities Where PEER Students Thrive
    Dr. Carrie Diaz Eaton & Dr. Adriana Salerno Domínguez (Bates College)
  1. 11/20Math Physics Learning Seminar
    Alessandro Pizzo, University Of Rome Tor Vergata
    Local Lie-Schwinger Conjugations And Gapped Quantum Chains
  1. 11/20Analysis And Probability Seminar
    Kleinian Schottky Groups, Patterson-Sullivan Measures, And Fourier Decay
    Wenyu Pan (UChicago)
  1. 11/20SIGMA Seminar
    Degree 4 Curves Have 28 Bitangents
    Mihai Fulger
  1. 11/25Algebra Seminar
  1. 11/26Probabillity And Data Science Colloquium
  1. 11/30PDE And Differential Geometry Seminar, Gunhee Cho (UConn)