1. 9/3Probabillity And Data Science Colloquium
  1. 9/9Algebra Seminar
    Short Presentations By Algebra Faculty Members
  1. 9/9Math Club
    Continued Fractions
    Keith Conrad (UConn)
  1. 9/11Logic Colloquium (Online): Sara Uckelman (Durham)
  1. 9/16Algebra Seminar
    No meeting
  1. 9/16Math Club
    Why The IRS Cares About The Riemann Zeta Function And Number Theory (And Why You Should Too!)
    Steven J. Miller (Williams)
  1. 9/17Mathematics Colloquium
    Counting Self-Avoiding Walks On A Lattice, From Combinatorics To Physics
    Hugo Duminil-Copin (IHES)
  1. 9/23Algebra Seminar
    Combinatorics Of Cluster Algebras
    Veronique Bazier-Matte
  1. 9/23Math Club
    Richard Guy's Strong Law Of Small Numbers And How Not To Make Friends
    Hanson Smith (UConn)
  1. 9/24Probabillity And Data Science Colloquium
  1. 9/24Mathematics Colloquium
    Universes As Big Data: Superstrings, Calabi-Yau Manifolds And Machine-Learning
    Yang-Hui He (Oxford)
  1. 9/25Math Physics Learning Seminar
  1. 9/25Logic Supergroup: Stewart Shapiro & David McCarty
  1. 9/25Meaning Group: Arregui and Biezma 2016
  1. 9/25S.I.G.M.A. Seminar
    Fourier Analysis on Groups
    Fabrice Baudoin
  1. 9/28PDE And Differential Geometry Seminar
    Asymptotic Stability Of Harmonic Maps On The Hyperbolic Plane Under The Schrodinger Maps Evolution
    Sohrab Shahshahani (UMass Amherst)
  1. 9/30Algebra Seminar
    Vector-Valued Modular Forms
    Richard Gottesman (Queen's University)
  1. 9/30Math Club
    Differentiation Under the Integral Sign
    Nicholas Juricic (UConn)